Update: 2022 NFIRS data has been loaded into FireCARES!

About FireCARES

If fire department resources are deployed to match the risk levels inherent to hazards in the community, it has been scientifically demonstrated that the community will be far less vulnerable to negative outcomes in firefighter injury and death, civilian injury and death and property loss. FireCARES analyzes massive amounts of fire department and community data to identify whether resources are appropriately deployed to match a community's risk level. See the access policy for more details about access to the system and the list data available in FireCARES. Check out the User Guide for How-To tips.
Identify Risks Identify the risk of fire based on the infrastructure, built environment, population demographics, and socio-economic risk factors for your community.
Analyze performance Review your Department's history, add up-to-date response data, verify station locations, assess response time capability and compare your department to similar departments across the nation.

Looking for real-time analytics for your department?

IPSDI logo The International Public Safety Data Institute (IPSDI) maintains FireCARES and also built NFORS Analytics to increase your department's operational knowledge and provide real-time analytics.
  • Performance monitoring
  • Common Addresses
  • Daily Reports
  • Advanced Analytics